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Up on the Downside

It's been a busy week of ups and downs, starting at 5am on Monday. I was extremely surprised to be woken up by my mobile phone going off, especially since I thought it was lost and on a bus somewhere. In fact, it was in the pocket of my jumper that I'd worn to the match, and I must have somehow missed it when I looked there. What is so amazing is, what are the chances of your number being rung completely by accident (I got 4 minutes of blank voice message) at 5 in the morning? I would have found it otherwise, but it might have taken several weeks. Having found it, I thought I'd give Lucy ring to see if she wanted to come to the AU ball with me (obviously not at 5am!), but she said she couldn't as she's already seeing someone. She must have assumed (or wanted to assume for whatever reason) that when I asked her to come see Hero with me I only meant as friends, which would be srprisingly naive, given that she didn't question for a second what I'd meant, although in her defence I didn't actually say I'd meant it as a date kind of thing, and it's not the most romantic occasion; I just chose that film because I knew she really wanted to go see it. At the end of the day, it isn't like I'm never going to see or speak to her again, so it could have ended worse.
Tae kwon-do is beginning to become a bit more ambitious as a club now - we have a competition and a party planned (by the instructors) for the end of the year, but we have a few more social events (practically 1 a week until christmas) planned, including a Korean video night, don't what that'll be like as I haven't seen any Korean videos before, but the idea is that it'll be a good fundraiser, although we're also planning to make a bit of profit on selling the hoodies, etc. That was after a very nice committee meeting in the Westport - at 11am it's quiet and the sofas are very comfortable.
Another application form was successful, this time to Watson Wyatt, so I have to say when I'll be able to go to their assessment centre for the next stage. I still haven't done the online tests for Delloitte because the javascript systme won't run on my computer, so it looks like I'll have to do them in one of the computer labs. Preferably not maths, as they take classes there, but I don't know where I can find somewhere quiet enough to do it well.
My work has finally ended for before reading week, I didn't really have a lot to be honest. One test for organisational behaviour, but as the first one that counts towards my degree, it's especially important. Starting on a 20 beats starting on a 0 any day, even if it is a 120th of my final degree mark. After doing all the extra reading for the topic immediately before the test, I came to find out that it wasn't going to be tested - little annoying but it'll save me work later at least. The test itself went quite well I think, the mulitple choice questions at times were a bit unfair, covering stuff that wasn't at all emphasised, or in the case of the Iron law of Oligarchy, even covered in the lectures, but fortunately I remembered seeing it the book. The two short answer (essay really) questions were ok, as one was on the same topic as the video we watched before the test instead of having a lecture, and the other question was on the same thing as my tutorial. I did manage to work my ideology reading into one of the answers, so it wasn't totally wasted. Now it's time for reading week - internship applications, preparing for my essay (I need to read my Enron book to see what question would be the easiest to do well on it), holidays cease to exist after 2nd year I think. My summer holiday will hopefully be spent working as an intern, and even then I'll probably be thinking of stuff to do for my dissertation. Right now I'm thinking of doing the effects of an orgainisations goals (the shinty club counts as an organisation!) on it's culture or something. This means I really need to come back to St A's part way through reading week, so right now I'm planning to come back on Wednesday morning. Sorry, I seem to have rambled a bit here.
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